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The basic body of ares is the General Assembly which is open to all members. The association is run by an Executive Committee, comprising six members elected directly by the General Assembly and the six local branch chairpersons. President so far were Johannes (Han) de Waard, Brian Taylor and David Campbell. Current president is Frans Jagtman.

General Assemblies are held annually in one of the ESA member states and attract an increasing number of participants.

The Articles of Association were approved by the pre-ares assembly which took place at ESTEC on May 26, 2000. Subsequently, General Assemblies have been held in Paris, twice in Noordwijk, Guernsey (United Kingdom), Doorwerth (The Netherlands), Spa (Belgium), Lindau (Germany) and Frascati (Italy). The 2010 meeting will be held at Villafranca (Spain). These meetings are also the occasion for excursions to sites of local interest and a bit of sport, all arranged by ares. In 2006 when the venue was in Spa, the annual golf championship was inaugurated, attracting 29 players and has continued to be a success at each subsequent GA.

maintaining contact

ares maintains close contact with the teams of the Directorate of Resources Management (D/RES) in HQ and the Establishments. While ares is independent of the CSAC – indeed retired staff are not represented by ares on CSAC or the local Staff Association Committees (local SAC’s) – it does its best to maintain contact with them. It also keeps contact with similar retired staff associations within the Coordinated Organisations and outside.

Further, the ares.nl branch is associated with the grouping of International Organisation’s Staff Associations (including the ESTEC SAC), in The Netherlands, IOSA-NL.

ares also plays an important role in the Joint Working Group on Social Security and is ready to participate in other Admin/CSAC groups when retired staff interest is involved.

Close relations are maintained with AAPOCAD (Association des Agents Pensionnés des Organisations Coordonnées et de leurs ayants Droit). This association is principally concerned with pensions at the level of Coordination: an objective complementary to those of ares.

ares local branches

ares branches have been set up in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These branches - governed by the 'Complementary Provisions’ to the ‘Articles of Association’ - have local committees elected by branch members and hold regular local branch meetings.

The branches organise excursions and other social activities, provide contact with the sick and bereaved and provide help to resolve particular, local or national issues, (health care, taxation etc.). ares.nl for example has established a much appreciated ‘Help Desk’ that members can contact by phone or email. It also organises the annual Spring Lunch for former ESTEC retired staff which attracts over 100 attendees and is open to all retirees who worked at ESTEC, not just ares members.

The branches have produced ‘Members Guides’ for persons retiring to their respective countries providing not only information about ares, but also information on what has to be done in the transition from active to retired status – a transition which is not always easy for the person involved or his/her spouse!

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