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Q: why does Google's Chrome browser on the Mac not display pdf files inside the browser window?

A: the Chrome browser will download the file and present a link to it in the lower left corner of your display.

  • Right-click this link and select, from the appearing pop-up menu, "always open files of this type";
  • If not yet done, install the Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version);
  • reload the page.
Now the Acrobat Reader will be opened automatically and the pdf file will be displayed inside the Reader.

Note: this is a temporary solution to the problem. We will inform you as soon as an updated version of the Chrome browser, supporting in page display of pdf files, is available.
Last Updated on Monday, 22 March 2010 12:55
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Q: being a newcomer, where do I find important information?

A: select from the 'user guides' navigation module on the 'home' page, 'important information'

Last Updated on Monday, 14 December 2009 12:47
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Q: how can I change my personal data

A: your personal data is stored in a secured section of our web site which is only accessable by the web site administrator. Changes to your personal data like postal address, email etc. have to be reported to different offices. For that reason, a special form has been put on the web site which, once completed, is sent to the relevant offices. Therefore, it is important that you use this form. This form can be found as follows:
login >> click the 'members' tab >> go to the navigation module called 'report changes' and click the 'form to be used' link.

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 December 2009 18:52

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