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history; soliciting contributions from our members

During the last episode of my professional life, I was responsible for transferring a single Meteosat satellite demonstration system into a fully operational programme with up to four satellites on orbit. This included not only the operations of the four satellites but also the extraction of the radiometer data, rectification of that data and extraction of products to be used for weather forecasts.

When ESA, under their history programme, released a book on the Meteosat Programme, I was highly surprised that during the twelve years I had been in charge of that programme I never met the author of that book. Furthermore, I was never interviewed by that person either. Therefore, I decided to write the history of the Meteosat Programme as seen by those who did set-up the programme and operated it so successfully the years after. This article includes animations and image loops. The latter have never been published before and give an unprecedented insight in the development of weather phenomenae.

This brought me to the idea of opening this web site to others who would like to express their views on how the programmes they were in charge of were developed, launched and finally operated. Unfortunately, so far nobody was found willing to do so. As writing the Meteosat story took me three years (out of my 'golden' ones) I can understand that not many came forward. However, I would like to urge all of our readers to contribute to this part of our web site.
We certainly would not limit the history writing to the description of how programmes came about but also, but not limited to, the set-up of the infrastructure (establishments, environmental test facilities, organigrammes etc.) and if nothing else, many of you should be in a position to put a few of the many anecdotes that circulated the corridors on paper.

I look forward receiving such inputs.pijlup



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