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membership application

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membership application, introduction

forms to be completed


former esa staff who have at least ten years of active service completed and are of age 50 or older, can apply for ares membership by completing the form membership form [to be completed by all applicants]

Clicking the "submit" button at the end of the form will forward the completed form directly to the ares secretariat for processing.

The first year of Membership is free, thereafter the contibution is 0.08% of your basic monthly pension deducted automatically by ISRP (Provident  Fund members: 0.08% based on 70% of the current BMP for their last grade and step which they must pay dierectly to ares)

Existing esa staff who have less than 12 months to retirement are also invited to apply and hence access the wealth of information available that ares has amassed.

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