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Note: clicking the 'ctrl and plus sign' (+) simultaneously (Mac: cmd and +) will increase the text size whereas 'ctrl and -' (Mac: cmd and -) will decrease the size. In this way you can select the settings you like best.

Important: please use the 'report changes' module (found after log-in at the 'members' page) to inform us about any change in email and/or postal address.

The user guide has been divided into three parts i.e.:

  1. pc requirements
  2. This part deals with the browser settings you have to observe to guarantee correct rendering of the source code. In particular, the required minimum available screen width is defined. In addiion, some settings are defined that are required for the execution of the unavoidable script code contained in the pages.

  3. navigation
  4. Here you are made familiar with the navigational functions embedded in the design of these pages. In particular the header menu, with its sub-menus displayed on the left of each page are explained.

  5. where to find important information
  6. This part has been mainly written for those not yet familiar with our pages. It stipulates where and how important information can be found so that the transfer from active- to retired staff member status runs without any administrative obstacles. For members, a menu will display on the left after log-in listing the last ten changes and/or additions made to this web site.

The links to these three guides are found as sub-items in the menu "user guides" (on the navigation pane on the left).

Caution: please completely read through the three sections of the guide before commencing browsing the ares web site, it may well make browsing more enjoyable!

Please do not forget to log-out (top left on each page) when you have finished browsing our pages.

You want to know more about ares? Just click the "about us" link in the footer.

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