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required pc and/or mac settings

recommended settings:

  1. For best viewing these multimedia pages, it is recommended to:

    • use an available screen resolution of >=1024x768 (32 bit) pixels. The use of a display resolution of at least 1080x800 is recommended. Should you use e.g. the Google or Windows side bar make certain that your display provides at least 768 pixels free space in width to display our pages. In the worst case you will have to move the side bar to the bottom of the screen or disable it while browsing the ares pages. On wide-screens (17" and above), the ares web pages will be horizontally centralised and limited in width to 1024 pixels.
    • set the browser to full screen mode (F11);
  2. Although the pages will be rendered correctly in almost all browsers, the source code has been optimised for:
    1. Mozilla Firefox >=11.0; 
    2. Opera >=10; 
    3. Safari >=5.1;
    4. Google Chrome >= 5; and
    5. Microsoft's Internet Explorer >=8 will render the code correctly. Earlier versions, in particular IE 6, are not compatible and should not be used.
    6. Note: users of Netscape are advised to switch to Firefox as support for Netscape has been discontinued by its owner AOL.
  3. As font size "Medium" should be selected in Internet Explorer and "Normal" in Firefox (settings are available, in both browsers, under 'View > Text Size > .... );
  4. Please make certain that the browser modules, required to support the following functionalities, have been included/activated:
i pictures (png, jpg, gif, animated gif);
ii java script;
iii adobe acrobat reader version >=9, get it now, it's free:
iv to watch animated text and graphics you will have to download, and install, macromedia's flash viewer, version >=10 (free of charge) from the.web site:
do not hesitate, the procedure is simple and straight forward. The flash player is also required to view information provided on the esa portal;
v videos encoded for play-back with Flash Player version 8 or higher; video: On2VP6 at 700 kbps (high speed downlink advisable).

  1. Declare, in your browser, the ares web site (http://ares.esa.int) as trusted site, and enable pop-up windows for this site;
  2. forms/questionnaires on this web site can be submitted, following on-line completion, by email to the responsible ares officer by clicking the 'submit" button provided on the form/questionnaire.
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